Exporters Corp


Exporters Corp was founded in 2017 by the present CEO of the company, Essam AlMahi, with the main objective concentrating on delivering the highest quality fruits and vegetables from Egypt to the World. 

The growers we collaborate with are carefully chosen in order to
guarantee products of high quality to our customers. The close
relation with our growers gives us the opportunity to be present
in the whole process; making quality checks of the fields, the
installations and of the products that are cultivated there.
It is on the field where the quality work begins and it is our
responsibility to make sure that our customers feel confident that
we comply with our part of delivering fresh products of high

We have long experience in the sector, both as growers and as commercials, which makes us understand the needs of both sides. We are well aware of the challenges that the growers face and believe that their hard work deserves a fair price. On the other hand the customer should always get the products delivered in good conditions and with professional service. EXCO brings the products from the grower directly to the customer in an effective way, making the chain as short as possible to reduce costs 

Our team is highly skilled professionals in the field of fruits and vegetables production, supply and logistics.

 Our agriculture specialists are in constant contact with our Research Centers to obtain an up-to-date directions on growing, handling our fresh produce.

Whether your business is looking to get started or need to expand, you can rest assured that we're going to help you. we're committed to providing you with top quality produce. Approaching every client with a focus on integrity quality, and understanding